United States deplores foreign interference against Libyan economy


The US Embassy in Libya said in a statement on Sunday that it regrets that overseas-backed efforts against Libya’s economic and financial sectors have hampered progress and increased the risk of confrontation after days of intense activity. diplomatic efforts aimed at enabling the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to resume its vital, non-political work as a means of defusing military tensions.

The US embassy added that the incursions of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group against the NOC facilities, as well as the contradictory messages conceived in foreign capitals and transmitted by Haftar’s forces on July 11, have harmed all Libyans who are struggling. for a secure and prosperous future.

“The illegal obstruction of the long-awaited audit of the banking sector further undermines the desire for economic transparency of all Libyans.” The US Embassy said.

He stressed that such disappointing actions will not deter the US Embassy from its commitment to work with responsible Libyan institutions, such as the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the House of Representatives (HOR), to protect Libyan sovereignty, achieve a lasting ceasefire, and support a Libyan consensus on the transparent management of oil and gas revenues.

The U.S. Embassy also noted that the door remains open for all who lay down their arms, reject foreign manipulation, and come together in a peaceful dialogue to be part of the solution.

He warned, however; those who undermine the Libyan economy and cling to military escalation to deal with isolation and the risk of sanctions.

“We are convinced that the Libyan people see clearly who is ready to help Libya move forward and who has chosen irrelevance instead.” The statement reads.


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