Turkey, Qatar sign military cooperation agreement with Libyan government – Middle East Monitor


Turkey and Qatar signed a tripartite agreement with the Libyan government for military cooperation, as part of a new development aimed at strengthening the government’s defense against Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

The deal, which was announced yesterday by Libyan Deputy Defense Minister Salam Al-Namroush, will establish military facilities and training programs in the country. This cooperation will include the financing by Qatar of military training centers and the establishment of a trilateral coordination center and a Turkish naval base in the city of Misrata. Consultation will also be provided to Libyan government forces as part of the deal.

The deal was reached after a visit and meetings between Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, his Qatari counterpart Mohammad Al-Attiyah, and Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj and other Libyan ministers yesterday. The representatives of the three countries then addressed a number of issues relating to trilateral relations and defense.

On his arrival in the capital Tripoli, Akar declared: “We believe that we will obtain the desired results by supporting our Libyan brothers in their just cause”, during his visit to the capital Tripoli.

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On the same day, Tripoli also received a visit from German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who made an unexpected arrival in which he made a statement saying he was to meet with UN-backed government officials to “discuss means to get out of this very dangerous situation ”, referring to the ongoing conflict in Libya.

Maas said that although there is currently little action on the front lines between government forces and Khalifa Haftar’s forces, the world must not be fooled by the “deceptive calm” and must find a solution to the situation. conflict.

The military cooperation agreement is the latest such development in Turkey and Turkey’s and Qatar’s long-standing support for the Libyan government throughout the civil war in Libya, in which Haftar was also backed by states international and regional such as France, Russia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates. , Saudi Arabia, as well as various groups of mercenaries deployed by these countries.

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