Spokesperson: Libyan economy and living conditions of Libyans could collapse if crude exports remain blocked


Presidential Council (PC) chief spokesman Mohammed El Sallak warned in a statement on Tuesday that blocking oil exports would harm the Libyan economy and seriously affect daily living conditions, not to mention breaking with the terms of the Paris Declaration of Principles, signed on May 29.

“Oil should not be part of political conflicts. The CP is constantly working to relive this entanglement as it loses Libya over $ 67 million per day and thus affects the availability of goods and damages oil facilities due to the suspension of exports. said El Sallak.

He also said the PC contracted with companies last December to build urgent electricity projects at power plants in North and West Tripoli and a Misrata plant improvement project with a total of 2000 megawatts which would solve the current shortages (1500 megawatts), adding that these projects should have been financed by an internal investment fund, but the Audit Office rejected citing legal problems.

“The PC chief asked the officials of the Audit Office to meet and resolve the legal issues surrounding the projects as they are essential to the daily life of all Libyans,” El Sallak said.

Meanwhile, El Sallak also said the government has said it is allocating the necessary funds to bakeries across Libya and revising the letters of credit given in this regard so that high bread prices and the bakery crisis can come to an end.

He also condemned the attack on the home of CP member Fathi Al-Mijibri, saying such acts hamper the unity and reconciliation efforts already underway in Libya.


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