Scammers targeting the immigrant community | COB 4


Visa applications were restricted at the start of the pandemic. The change has left many foreign workers and students wondering what will happen to their status.

“Especially now, when people are confused with changing laws, and especially now, with fear of deportation, these scam artists prey on these individuals,” said Brian Baca of the Better Business Bureau of New Mexico. .

While the Trump administration has reversed course – and allowed international transfer students to stay in the country, even though classes are held online, scammers are still trying to trick people into giving up important information.

“So these scammers are impersonating US government officials, and they promise to grant a visa in exchange for a fee,” Baca said.

According to the American Immigration Council, there are approximately 60,000 undocumented immigrants in New Mexico. Consumer advocates say that makes the state a prime target.

The Better Business Bureau claims that people are targeted via email and told to visit suspicious but real-looking websites.

“They can have a picture of the president, or the American flag, American patriotic symbols,” Baca said.

Baca added that people should make sure the web address contains “.gov.” This means it is a real government website.


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