The Standards Council for Alternative Investments released its first report on Culture and Diversity – Principles of Culture and Diversity Strategies

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 28, 2021 / – Today, the SBAI, a global alliance of managers and allocators of alternative investments and custodian of the Alternative investment standards, publishes the first publication as part of the SBAI Culture and Diversity Initiative – Principles of Culture and Diversity Strategies.

It is widely recognized in the alternatives industry that diversity can help improve the industry’s bottom line, but putting in place an effective strategy to promote diversity can be difficult. The SBAI report provides five guiding principles that serve as a framework for asset managers and beneficiaries to define their own culture and diversity strategies.

In February 2021, the SBAI formed a global advisory committee made up of senior industry leaders from asset managers and allocators. This advisory board provides advice on the strategic direction of SBAI’s culture and diversity initiatives.

Jane Buchan, Chair of the Global Advisory Board, Trustee of SBAI and CEO of Martlet Asset Management, said, “We are delighted to have a large and engaged group of industry leaders who help guide our efforts in culture and diversity. As asset managers and beneficiaries, we need to work together to solve for better and SBAI provides a great platform to do so. ”

The main goal of SBAI’s Culture and Diversity initiative is to provide practical tools to help improve culture and diversity in the alternatives industry. They will produce other policy reports, including on small business and manager selection for dispatchers, and host discussion forums and information events on the topic. On Monday, the SBAI hosted a Culture and Diversity event to launch this report led by Jase Auby (CIO of Teacher Retirement System of Texas), Leda Braga (Administrator of SBAI and CEO of Systematica), Luke Ellis (Deputy Chairman of SBAI and CEO of Man Group) and Phillip Meyer (COO, GC and CCO of Oasis Management Company) – all members of the Global Advisory Board. The event focused on Going Beyond the Why for Culture and Diversity in the Alternatives Industry.

Mario Therrien, president of the SBAI and head of external investment funds and external management at the Caisse, declared:, partnership and knowledge, including on culture and diversity. Ultimately, we are looking to improve the results of the industry. I am delighted to see this report released and look forward to further publications this year.

Maria Long, Director of Research and Content at SBAI, said, “Our mission is to solve for better and culture and diversity are an important part of it. Through collaboration with our community of asset managers and allocators both in our Culture and Diversity Working Group and the Global Advisory Board, we have focused on the importance of this item and on the providing practical advice on how to improve diversity.

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Notes to Editors:

1. SBAI’s Global Culture and Diversity Advisory Committee
• Jane Buchan, administrator of the SBAI; CEO, Martlet Asset Management (Global President)
• Luke Ellis, vice-president of SBAI; CEO, Man Group plc (global vice president)
• Susan Lee, Partner and Hedge Fund and Private Credit Research Analyst, Albourne Partners (Global Vice President)
• Jase Auby, CIO, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
• Edel Bashir, Senior Investment Manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments
• Elena Manola-Bonthond, president of the SBAI EMEA committee; CIO, CERN Pension Fund
• Leda Braga, SBAI Trustee; CEO, Systematica Investments
• Julie Chang, Managing Director, The Blackstone Group (HK) Limited
• John Claisse, SBAI Trustee; CEO, Albourne America LLC
• Robin Diamonte, CIO, Raytheon Technologies
• Erich Gerth, CEO, BlueBay Asset Management
• Chris Gradel, administrator of SBAI; Co-founder, PAG
• Theresa Han, Managing Director, Absolute Return Strategies, GCM Investment Hong Kong
• Phillip Meyer, GC, CCO, Co-COO, Oasis Management Company Ltd
• Manny Roman, CEO, PIMCO
• Michael Teo, COO, Avanda Investment Management

2. The administrators of SBAI are:
• Mario Therrien, head of investment funds and external management, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (president)
• Luke Ellis, CEO, Man Group plc (vice-chairman)
• Leda Braga, CEO, Systematica Investments
• Jane Buchan, Founder, Martlet Asset Management
• Clint Carlson, President and CIO, Carlson Capital
• John Claisse, CEO, Albourne Group
• Stuart Fiertz, co-founder and president, Cheyne Capital Management
• David George, Deputy Director of Investments, Public Procurement, Future Fund Australia
• Chris Gradel, Founder, PAG
• Richard Lightburn, CEO, MKP Capital Management
• Daniel Stern, co-founder and co-CEO, Reservoir Capital Group
• Betty Tay, Managing Director, Head of the External Managers Department, GIC
• Paula Volent, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Rockefeller University
• Dale West, Senior General Manager, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
• Poul Winslow, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Capital Markets and Factor Investing, CPP Investments

More information on our founders, key supporters, regional committees, signatories and investor chapter members is available on our website.

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