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Voting for CityBeat’s 26th Annual Best of Cincinnati® Readers Poll closes at midnight February 13.

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Your votes will determine the best restaurants, shops and services, music and nightlife, arts and culture, sports and recreation and city life in the area. Here are the basic rules: You don’t have to vote in every category, but you must vote in at least 20 for your ballot to count. You can vote once per day.

Voting is simple. Start your voting by selecting “Start Voting Now” from the main homepage or from any specific section or category. You will then be prompted to register. Enter a valid email address to begin the process.

The ballot is pre-populated with last year’s top voters, but we accept write-in votes in all categories. New categories or categories that change every year (Best Museum Exhibit, for example) will not be pre-populated. Written entries will not be immediately added to the options, but we will add those that garner a significant number of votes. Regardless, all written votes are recorded and count towards determining category winners.

You can vote in each category, but it’s do not mandatory. You can click the “skip” button to skip a category, or the up/down arrows in the lower right corner to jump to another category. If you want to return to the main Eats, Shops & Services, Music & Nightlife, Arts & Culture, Sports & Recreation or City Life section, click on the name in the top left corner.

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