Putin hits out at Cancel Culture, quoting ‘Harry Potter’ author


(Bloomberg) – Vladimir Putin’s latest attack on cancel culture, in which he compared the ostracism of Russian writers to the treatment of JK Rowling, prompted a quick rebuff from the author of the Harry Potter books .

The Russian president has been shunned on the world stage since his invasion of Ukraine. In his increasingly erratic public appearances, he lashed out at “the West” and sounded the alarm among the United States and its allies about what the increasingly cornered leader might do next.

On Friday, Putin cited Rowling as an example of what happens when a high-profile public figure becomes a victim of cancel culture, the practice of withdrawing endorsement from celebrities on social media platforms because their opinions are considered socially unacceptable. Putin put himself in the same category.

“Today they are trying to nullify a whole thousand-year-old culture – our people,” Putin told a televised meeting of cultural figures. “They ban Russian writers and books.” Rowling, he said, was disbarred “just because she failed to meet the demands of women’s rights.”

The 56-year-old writer, who does not hesitate to fight, did not wait long before tweeting her own response to Putin.

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