“People who talk about it never shut up”


Jon stewart said he did not believe in the concept of “culture cancellation” and instead saw it as a culture of “relentlessness”.

The late night host discussed the topic in a remote conversation with New Yorker editor David remnick Sunday evening, as part of the New Yorker Festival.

“People who talk about canceling culture never seem to be silent about it,” Stewart said according to The hill.

He noted that “there is more talk now than ever before,” adding, “The internet has democratized criticism.

“What do we do for a living, we talk shit, we criticize, we postulate, we oppress, we make jokes – and now other people have a say. And it’s not canceling culture, it’s relentlessness.

“We live in a relentless culture. And the internet system and all these other things are made to find the pressure points of that and exacerbate it. “

Stewart’s new late-night show, The problem with Jon Stewart, began airing September 30 on Apple TV + and will return on October 14 with a new episode.

Prior to that, Stewart hosted The daily show on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2015. Trevor Noah currently hosts the program.

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