“People cannot say what they think because they will be canceled”


Joan Collins, 88, criticized “the culture cancellation” in a new interview. (Photo: Anthony Devlin / Getty Images)

Joan collins has had enough of “canceling the culture”.

The Dynasty the legend, 88, admitted in a new interview that she mainly avoided social media because she didn’t want to be caught in the crosshairs of heated social debates.

“I don’t want to engage in any way with these morons,” Collins said. the Sunday opening hours in a new interview before the publication of his memoirs, My diaries without excuse.

Collins says she’s had enough of read on Prince harry and Meghan markle.

“I think they got enough oxygen in the press,” she added.

One person Collins would like to see more of is Piers Morgan, who stormed the plateau of Hello Great Britain earlier this year after criticizing the royal couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“He’s more interesting than any of them,” she says. “People cannot say what they think because they will be canceled. Going back to tweets from 15 years ago, about what someone might have said when he was 14, I think it’s sick.

The England star also balked at modern criticism of famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, telling the newspaper that she “hates the way they disavow Churchill, who checked in us, saved us from the Nazis. I was too young at the time to realize it, but they were on our doorstep. If it hadn’t been for Churchill, we would all have walked around with swastikas.

This is not the first time that the television icon has spoken out about “the cancellation of culture”.

“You can’t say anything these days without being canceled,” she said. daily mail Last week, Yahoo Life has previously reported. “What am I allowed to say?” “

Of course, that doesn’t stop Collins from saying what she thinks. In the same interview, she shared that she enjoyed chatting on the vast plastic surgery at Hollywood.

“We all talk about it. Have you ever been to a hairdresser? The Kardashians, for example,” Collins told the Daily mail. “Kris Jenner, their mom, is a good friend of mine and I don’t mean to be rude to her kids, but there are loads of surgeries out there and I’ve told my friends about it, as I am. sure you have, the stockings, the small sizes. “

Collins has been married to her fifth husband, film producer Percy Gibson, for almost 20 years. Gibson is “absolutely, without a doubt” the best of her husbands, she said, expressing gratitude that he’s so much younger than her.

“He’s the best, I can’t imagine life without him,” she told the Sunday time. “He is the rock that unites our family. Thank goodness I married someone 30 years younger than me. I couldn’t bear to be married to someone my age.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck, it was Gibson who kept Collins together, she said.

” I was scared. We disinfect our newspapers, I didn’t go to the supermarket. Percy would go and then we would disinfect everything.

The couple have spent days watching TV shows together at home, though Collins is now anxious to get back to everyday life.

“It’s not bad to want to have a good time, that’s what we all deserve as people,” she said, referring to the current issues in the UK. “For people to say : “Oh, we all have to suffer, we” we are suffering, the prices are going up, there are no truckers, we are not going to have heat during the winter ‘, well, you can’t all sit down and I believe that life is a banquet and that most of the poor suckers die of hunger.

At 88, Collins has no plans to slow down. When asked if retirement was part of her plans, she replied, “I think that’s a rough question. Don’t ask me that question, don’t use that word “retirement”.

Obviously, Collins is happy to get things done.

“We who have grown older feel that we have the right to work in a profession which has to appeal to older people,” she said. “There is a perception of aging that is outdated. People are living longer and healthier lives. “


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