Othman Touré: Guinean immigrant who fled Libya after 4 years of slavery


The Associated Press reported the story of an illegal immigrant fleeing Libya in mid-September, after years of suffering inside immigration detention centers run by the Interior Ministry in Tripoli.

In a report, the agency said: Guinean immigrant Othman Touré (25), was severely beaten, and cried in pain from the repeated attacks and torture, and threatened inside his prison to kill or pay 2,500 Libyan dinars for his release, until in August 2017 he could call his brother’s phone and ask him for the price of his life, which is at stake.

In the appeal, Touré said: “I am in prison in Libya, they will kill me if you do not pay 2,500 dinars within 24 hours.”

Within days, according to the Associated Press; Touré’s family transferred around $ 550 to secure his freedom from a government detention center in Libya, but he was not allowed to leave. Instead, he was sold to human trafficking gangs and enslaved for another four years.

Touré is among tens of thousands of migrants who have been subjected to torture, sexual violence and extortion at the hands of guards in detention centers, where Libya is a major hub for migrants fleeing poverty and wars in Africa and the Middle East.

The Guinean immigrant continued his interview with the Associated Press, along with 20 other migrants, aboard the rescue ship “Geo Barents”, adding that he had been detained with thousands of migrants, in smuggling warehouses and government detention centers in western Libya, over the past four years.

Touré was one of 60 migrants who fled Libya on September 19, through two damaged boats, and were rescued a day later by the ship “Geo Barents”. abuse, beatings, death threats and slavery in Libya, inside the government and other detention centers run by armed groups


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