Mauritius: request of immigrant banned from performing religious mourning ceremonies in Mauritius must be considered, PM says


“Any request from MP H to go to the country to perform religious mourning ceremonies for his late Mauritian wife who recently died in Belgium would certainly be taken into consideration.”

Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth made the announcement today in the National Assembly in response to a parliamentary question. The question concerned the possibility of considering renouncing the status of persona non grata declared against MP H to allow the latter to enter Mauritius to perform the religious ceremonies of mourning for his late Mauritian wife. .

The Prime Minister informed the Chamber that MP H has, in accordance with Article 8 (1) (m) of the Immigration Act, been declared a prohibited immigrant from 23 April 2019. MP H has not been declared declared “persona non grata”, underlined the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Jugnauth further stated that despite being a prohibited immigrant, MP H has been informed that under Articles 8 (2) and (3) of the Immigration Act he may be authorized to travel to Mauritius, provided that he requests and obtains the necessary approval from the Passport and Immigration Office before undertaking such a visit.

MP H was further informed that he must comply with any conditions that may be imposed on him, Jugnauth said.

The Prime Minister further underlined that on August 29, 2019, a request made for MPH to come to Mauritius was accepted. He indicated that the person concerned was authorized to come to Mauritius on condition that he could stay in the country for a period of 14 days and that he did not exercise any gainful activity.

In addition, the Prime Minister informed that MP H arrived in the country on October 04, 2019 and left on October 09, 2019.


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