Libyan government officials accused of waste of public funds


Press conference for the Libyan audit office in Tripoli (Photo: Internet)

Libyan officials in governments coming to power from 2012 through 2017 have authorized spending of over 277 billion Libyan dinars at central offices, with the exception of the eastern government “Interim Government” which spent in the area. Libya is 21 billion dinars in those five years, according to an annual report by the Libyan Audit Office revealed on Wednesday.

The Audit Office report, which was announced at a press conference in Tripoli on Wednesday, indicates that the Libyan government spent 32 billion dinars in 2017 alone.

The head of the Audit Office, Khalid Shakshak, told reporters that corruption in the Libyan government and the Central Bank of Libya, overseas embassies, stock exchanges and many other government entities led to squandering Libyan public funds.

The report refers to the ridiculous money spent by the members and the head of the Presidential Council just to buy furniture for their offices, claiming that Fathi al-Mijibri allocated nearly a million dinars to furnish his office, while Fayez Al-Sirraj allocated nearly half a million, with others varying in the amount of money they spent in their offices around the same time that Libyans were lining up in front of banks to cash their salaries in in the midst of an insane shortage of money in the banks.

The report states that Libyan oil revenues improved in 2017 as production reached new highs, while adding that the improvement was not reflected in economic conditions in Libya as the dinar had been stripped of its value, prices had peaked and cash flow problems. still count in banks in Libya.

“The Audit Office recovered several corrupted cash sums in questionable deals with foreign companies and successfully blocked the payment of 1.6 billion dinars to a foreign company on skeptical grounds.” The report says.

He adds that the government was financed in 2017 by central bank loans worth 58 billion dinars and that the government used more than 700 million dinars on emergency budget bank accounts.


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