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(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, MARCH 3 – The Libyan ministers of foreign affairs, Hafed Gaddour – former Libyan ambassador to Italy – and of foreign affairs, Salha Al Darawqui, were reportedly kidnapped on their way from Misrata to Tobruk where a ceremony was scheduled for Thursday for the swearing in of the new government of Fathi Bashaga, several Libyan media report. According to reports, the car convoy taking them to Tobruk was involved in a shootout around 7 a.m. Thursday, when Libyan airspace is believed to be closed for the time being.

A decision, that of closing the airspace, which Bashaga reported to the Attorney General Al Siddiq Al Sour – “we have received information that the previous government, whose mandate has expired, has taken advantage of its authority, because it does not there is no law to completely close Libyan airspace: this is a flagrant violation of the right of movement guaranteed by the Constitution and an attack on the constitutional and political authorities, which prevents them from exercising their functions and to assume their role”.

Bashaga recalled that the behavior of the outgoing government is “punishable under article 204 of the Libyan penal code which provides for the death penalty against anyone who commits an act preventing the head of state, the legislature or the government, in whole or in part, to undertake their activity or to exercise the powers legally conferred on them, even if it is a temporary prohibition”.

Behind the alleged kidnapping of the designated foreign minister – and possibly others – is an “armed group affiliated” with Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Hamid “Dbeibah”. The information from a Libyan media, Abaadnews, was revived on Twitter by the famous German analyst Wolfram Lacher referring to the former Libyan ambassador to Rome, Hafed Gaddur.

Gaddur, along with the rest of the Bashagha government, had received a vote of confidence from parliament the day before yesterday. The former diplomat, whose middle name is also transliterated as “Gaddour” or “Kaddour”, has had ties with Italy for decades, including as ambassador to Italy from 2006 to 2012. The diplomat, aged 63 years old, has often stayed in Italy since obtaining his diploma. in Asian and African Civilizations at La Sapienza University in Rome. His curriculum indicates that he was consul general in Palermo in 1990-2003, ambassador to the Vatican (2003-2006) and to San Marino (2008-2013). Born in Janzour, Gaddur is married with three children. Among other things, he served as Libya’s ambassador to the EU from 2019 until last year.

He was running for president in elections originally scheduled for last December, which were postponed indefinitely. He is also linked to Italy as a member of the board of directors of the Libyan Italian University, the scientific council of the Libyan academy in Libya and was awarded the honor of Grand Officer of the Italian Republic. (ANS Amed).


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