Libya: government called for help to eradicate terrorism


The call came at a time after several important state institutions fell victim to attacks by militias. The government statement shows that the Libyan government is struggling to control the militias after the fall of Gaddafi.
Tripoli is already organizing its forces for repression. Government security forces are expected to have very little impact as they are poorly equipped and poorly trained. The government said that the eradication of “terrorist groups” was necessary after they started attacking the security services and the West. The National General Congress has also suffered several attacks.
The statement on the government’s website announced that “the nation” has found itself “in a confrontation with terrorist groups” and stressed that “there will be no room for terrorism in Libya and the Libyans. must be prepared for such a battle in terms of prudence, conscience and sacrifice. The statement stopped at identifying terrorist groups or where they are located. It is also the first time that a post-Khahafi government recognizes the presence of “terrorist groups”.
Political scientist Salem Al Allagui has warned that the call for international aid should not be interpreted as foreign intervention, which could turn the country into “a land of jihadists” to which extremists will flock to fight the Western powers.
Libya hopes the United Nations will respond to its call before individual countries respond. While waiting for the proposals, the government will use “national military force” to confront the terrorist. Allagui said the government faces an uphill battle as militants who have so far mainly targeted security forces and Westerners may turn to civilians and public places.


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