Kenya: Lobbyists fight to end harassment of migrant workers


A lobby for Kenyans in the diaspora urged African leaders to pressure developed countries to stop harassing immigrants, asylum seekers and foreign workers.

The Commonwealth Voter Privileges Right Association (COWEPRA) blames the lack of commitment by African leaders to modern slavery inflicted on African immigrant workers and asylum seekers in the West.

“This is a matter of great concern and needs to be addressed urgently. African immigrant workers and those fleeing war from third world countries are suffering in silence in Europe,” said David Kimengere Waititu, COWEPRA general secretary.

“It hurts to see the suffering African immigrants endure in the West. They persevere in racial discrimination and are subjected to poor living conditions, this need not be the case in the modern world,” said Kimengere, based in Iceland, at Nation.Africa.

He called on the Icelandic Parliament to deal with the plight of asylum seekers.

“I submit this petition to call on honorable members of the oldest parliament to rethink the governance of the immigration department, which I strongly consider discriminatory, oppressive and profiling which is an international crime,” Kimengere said in the petition .

“The European Union, the African Union and the Scandinavian states must also wake up and end the atrocities inflicted on immigrant workers,” he told Nation.Africa by phone.

According to the Secretary-General, African immigrant workers are denied their basic rights despite fulfilling all the conditions set by the host countries.

“Thousands of immigrants have suffered from depression while others have died. They are even refused permission to move or return to their country of origin, it is bad but no one speaks,” he said. he declares.

Mr Kimengere said his organization had noted cases of profiling of African immigrant workers, calling it an international crime.

“Some work and pay taxes but are subject to unhealthy work practices, including profiling,” he said.

He said COWEPRA has called on relevant agencies to rescue immigrant workers who he says are neglected and forgotten as they suffer far from their home countries.


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