Italian PM calls for “normalization” of Libyan economy after December elections


Rome, November 13 (UNI / Xinhua) Italy remains ready to support post-election reforms of the Libyan security system, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Friday, calling for the country’s economy to “normalize” .

Speaking after a special conference on the future of Libya in Paris, Draghi also said he supported a strong role for the European Union in Libya.

Draghi met on Friday with Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, Libyan chairman of the Council of Ministers of the government of national unity, at the Italian embassy in Paris, ahead of the larger conference.

Libya is due to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24. After Friday’s conference, Draghi declared that “the Libyan people must be able to express themselves in free, transparent and credible elections”, reiterating the need for a common legal and electoral framework.

On the economic front, Draghi called for “normalization” to help the government create “an economic system capable of meeting the needs of the population and fostering foreign investment.”
“An equitable distribution of resources in all regions of the country must be guaranteed, also through a shared budget, and the path to the reunification of economic and financial institutions, starting with the Central Bank, must be strengthened,” said Draghi. .


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