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Social media activists circulated reports of a “valuable take” at the Haftar-controlled Al-Wattia airbase in eastern Libya.

The activists said a group of French and Emirati advisers were trapped at the air base, after the attack by the forces of the government of national understanding (GNA) last Monday, as a result of which they took the control of all the towns on the west coast, serving as a strategic base depth on the Mediterranean coast.

Social media activists circulated reports of ‘valuable take’ at Haftar-controlled Al-Wattia airbase in eastern Libya

In turn, the Tunisian deputy Maher Zid accused the United Arab Emirates, in a post on Facebook, of communicating with the Tunisian presidency to ensure the trafficking of Emirati officers trapped in the Al-Wattia air base.

A military source in Tripoli informed Arab21 that he does not exclude such information, as it is likely that a number of foreign officers (whose identity has not been revealed) have already been trapped in the Al-Wattia air base after having lost contact with Haftar’s forces, who were expelled from most parts of the Libyan West. However, the source did not provide detailed information on the matter.

Another source confirmed Arab21 that despite the fact that the GNA army launched an offensive on the air base about three weeks ago, the troops failed to storm the entire location. Thus, the forces of Operation Volcano of Anger attacked only the dormitories of the base and captured a number of Haftar officers and fighters, failing to gain access to arms stores, airplanes and airplanes. other parts of the air base, where other officers are likely to be hiding.

The same source pointed out that the base, which mediates a rugged mountainous region to the west, is not completely surrounded by GNA forces, as it can be infiltrated through the town of Zintan (south of the base). , indicating the presence of rugged mountain trails in this region, known only to the inhabitants of the Nafusa Mountains.

Arab21 spoke with Mustafa Al-Mujai, spokesperson for Operation Volcano of Wrath of the GNA, who said he had no information about it, nor the officers trapped at the base, saying that he had seen the news on social media platforms.

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