Eastern Libyan government angry with Arab summit


The interim government based in the eastern city of Bayda lamented the 28th Arab League summit in Jordan, accusing the Arab League of forcing a trustee government in Libya.

In a statement released Thursday, the government, led by Abdullah Al-Thani, criticized the speech of the head of the UN-proposed Presidency Council, Fayaz Sirraj, at the summit and accused him of lying to Arab leaders.

“The Arab League insists that this unconstitutional body represents the Libyans,” the statement said, adding that the interim government should have been invited instead of the Presidency Council.

The final communiqué of the Arab Summit called for political support to the Presidency Council and to stop dealing with parallel institutions.

Al-Thani reacted in his statement that dealing with Fayaz Sirraj’s government would only add more chaos and prolong political fragmentation, accusing Fayaz Sirraj’s government of waging a war among Libyans.

“We are very sorry that Libya was represented by this illegitimate body; it is a violation of constitutional legitimacy in Libya, ”the statement said.

Meanwhile, the so-called National Sovereignty Bloc in the House of Representatives called for the suspension of Libya’s membership in the Arab League after the latter invited the Presidency Council to represent Libya at the summit. Amman Arabic.

The bloc, a group of puppets in Egypt’s hands, said Fayaz Sirraj’s invitation is interference in the country’s internal affairs, calling on the Arab League and its secretary-general to respect the sovereignty and legitimacy of the country. Libya.


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