Blackwater tried to overthrow Libyan government, says UN report – Middle East Monitor


A classified report prepared by UN investigators found that the founder of private security firm Blackwater, Eric Prince, violated the arms embargo in Libya and attempted to overthrow the internationally recognized government on two occasions in 2019, Reuters reported.

The report was submitted by UN investigators to the UN Security Council.

The report stated, according to Anadolu Agency, that the prince proposed to send mercenaries to the renegade General Khalifa Haftar, during a meeting in the Egyptian capital Cairo, ten days after the launch of the military operation to control Tripoli on April 4, 2019.

The report confirmed that after the meeting, Prince sent “foreign mercenaries, attack planes and gunboats” to Haftar.

The report revealed that the mercenary force sent by Prince, who is a former US Navy commando, planned to form a team to hunt down and assassinate the Libyan rulers.

According to the report, Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVos, former Education Secretary in Donald Trump’s administration.

The UN report raised the question of whether Prince took advantage of his connection with the Trump administration to launch his operation in Libya, which was estimated to cost $ 80 million.

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As part of the military operation called “Project Opus”, it was also planned to kidnap and kill Libyan figures, including Commander Abdul Rauf Kara, and two other commanders holding Irish passports.

The UN report revealed that three companies, namely Lancaster 6 DMCC, L-6 FZE and Opus Capital Asset Limited FZE, have been hired to plan and manage the implementation and funding phase of the transaction.

United Nations experts accused these companies and their leaders, security experts, of having violated the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council on Libya.

Military helicopters intended to support Haftar’s offensive were to be purchased from Jordan. However, Jordanian authorities suspended the deal on June 18, 2019, when they learned of the plan, prompting Prince to travel to South Africa.

According to the report, Prince’s second attempt to overthrow the legitimate government came when teams of Operation Project Opus mercenaries were deployed in April and May 2020 to destroy major targets in Libya.

However, the purchase of planes supposed to participate in battles was canceled on the pretext that the planes would be targeted by the air defense systems of the Government of National Accord (GNA), according to the UN report.

US media claim Prince violated the UN Security Council’s arms embargo on Libya exposes him to possible UN sanctions, including bans to travel and the freezing of his bank accounts and assets, although this is not certain, reported the New York Times.


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