AQACHEI Vice President and Libyan Delegation from University of Misurata Discuss Cooperation | Culture & Society


Ammon News – The vice-president of the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education Institutions (AQACHEI), Zaid Al-Anbar, met with a delegation from the Libyan University of Misurata, chaired by the cultural adviser of the Libyan Embassy, ​​Ahmed Al-Dweik.

The meeting focused on accreditation requirements for public and private accreditation and quality assurance for higher education institutions and the role of accreditation and quality in improving the effectiveness of higher education. higher education locally and in the Arab world.

During the meeting, Al-Anber highlighted the achievements of AQACHEI locally and internationally, the most important of which is the Jordanian National Framework for Qualifications, Institutional and Program Accreditation, Quality Assurance, Classification , the proficiency exam, joint and hosted university programs with international partners. institutions of higher education and AQACHEI’s acquisition of international recognition by (WFME) to accredit medical schools.

Al-Anbar praised the advanced level of the University of Misrata in all fields, especially in scientific research, noting that the University of Misrata is promising and offers many distinguished academic programs in medicine, engineering and literature.

He called for the exchange of teaching and research expertise and cooperation in the implementation of joint scientific research between the University of Misurata and Jordanian universities, the organization of seminars and conferences exchange programs for students and researchers, and to benefit from the capacities of both countries in the field of development and strengthening of higher education, and the activation of the memorandum of understanding signed between AQACHEI and the Libyan Accreditation and Quality Authority.

The Libyan delegation commended AQACHEI’s efforts to support and serve higher education institutions to achieve global competitiveness and achieve its goals.

The meeting took place in the presence of the Vice Dean of the University of Misurata for Scientific Affairs, Muhammad Al-Sharkasi, the Director of the International Cooperation Office at the Libyan Embassy, ​​Muhammad Abu Gharsa, the Assistant to the President for Quality and Classification Affairs, Zaid Al-Bashairah. , and Assistant to the President for Accreditation Affairs, Saad Bani Muhammad.


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