Anti-immigrant rhetoric is dehumanizing Syrian refugees, report says – Middle East Monitor


Anti-immigrant rhetoric that dehumanizes displaced people is on the rise in Danish government circles and Syrian refugees are paying the price, EUobserver reports today.

It comes as Parliament yesterday passed a law that allows the nation to relocate asylum seekers outside of Europe to have their refugee claims assessed.

The UN has opposed Denmark’s bill for fear it will erode refugee rights and encourage other EU states to follow suit.

A cloud of fear and uncertainty hangs over the refugees in Denmark, as their newly constructed life could end at any moment.

In January, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told parliament that the government’s goal was to have “zero asylum seekers coming to Denmark”.

“If you apply for asylum in Denmark, you know you will be sent back to a country outside of Europe, so we hope people will stop asking for asylum in Denmark,” Rasmus Stoklund, doorman, told the channel. -spokesman of the government party in charge of immigration. DR earlier this month.

After ten years of crisis, life is harder than ever for displaced Syrians. Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes since 2011, seeking safety as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and European countries, or have been internally displaced, according to the United Nations. Syria.

Today, 13.4 million people need humanitarian assistance in Syria.

Some 6.6 million people live worldwide, including 5.6 million in countries neighboring Syria, according to UN statistics in March.

Earlier this year, Denmark became the first country in the European Union to strip Syrian refugees of their citizenship on the grounds that Damascus and surrounding areas can return safely and that they no longer need international protection.

In April, Danish authorities revoked the residency permits of 94 Syrian refugees within a week despite neither the UN nor other countries deeming Damascus safe.

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