Guarantee your loan with external loan insurance

Guarantee your loan with external loan insurance

The entry into force of the law Cogilaw Company in September 2010, allows borrowers the freedom of choice in terms of credit insurance to ensure the protection of your loan in case of accident: Comparison of offers The global loan insurance with contracts cheaper credit insurance broker!

Loan insurance Les Mondaled

Present since 1905 under the name of Les Mondaled, AG2R Les Mondaled is the 1st social security group covering all the needs of its customers throughout their life. Serving more than 8 million policyholders, its mutual and joint governance gives it a certain advantage over other players in the insurance sector. The AG2R Les Mondaled Group is aimed at individuals as well as professionals and businesses:

  • mutual health, protection of the family,
  • retirement savings, foresight,
  • home insurance, auto insurance,
  • borrower insurance,

Use your right to purchase Les Mondaled credit insurance

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The Cogilaw Company gives you the opportunity to subscribe your insurance borrower from the insurer of your choice. The bank can not refuse an external insurance contract if its level of guarantee is equivalent to that of the group contract it presents to you.

Request a quote insurance loan Les Mondaled

Make a simultaneous quote request with several insurers using an online credit insurance comparator! In just a few minutes, you will send your quote request to multiple insurers and can quickly choose the offer that suits you best.

Optimize your credit with a broker! Specialist in loan insurance negotiation, the broker usually gets the best rate for your loan guarantee delegate so that you reduce the total cost of your loan.

  • Guarantees recognized by banking institutions
  • File managed in 24 hours, with a dedicated advisor
  • Free online tools, immediate comparison (rate + guarantee)

The Cogilaw Company of Loan Insurance

Cogilaw Company, information freedom of choice made to borrowers, forbidding banks to impose their group insurance

  • Delegation external loan insurance accepted by banks
  • Indicate the reasons for refusing “external” insurance
  • Do not change loan conditions in external insurance